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Last week I hookied out of work 40 minutes early to see "David Lynch: The Art Life", a documentary that is mostly just Lynch talking, or smoking and painting while talking, about his early life and the people and influences that got him started on painting, then film.
Chronologically the film goes up to the point where he got an American Film Institute grant and went to Los Angeles to make Eraserhead.
Five people were there, including me.

I went to see this because I was of course interested in Lynch and his creative process, but more to the point, I wanted to see it in this particular theatre.
It's near where I work, and it has been a theatre since 1974, opening shortly before I moved here.
I would see movies there over the years.
I saw Star Wars for the first time there, but I needn't have hurried because it played there for nine months straight.
But later it started to run cult films, in a regular event it called "Midnite Madness".
And it was in that very theatre that I saw a double bill of Liquid Sky and Eraserhead in 1983.
Five people were there then too, including me.


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