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Ooooff, what a month it's been. I was looking forward to a good ten days off during the Xmas-New Years bit but halfway through it Body thought it should get even for all the stress Brain had been placing on it all fall and I fell ill from a terrible cold that's going around. That was over two weeks ago and I'm still an exhausted, brain-dead snot factory, at least for the first couple of hours until the night's accumulation of phlegm has dispersed.

I hate being ill, I mean there are a few perks like sitting in bed most of the day watching crappy movies, preferably on VHS (Saturday I saw Back to the Beach, Master of the World, Tunnelvision, and two Andy Kaufman TV specials - gave up on After the Fall of New York because of a headache). But there are always obligations, even when sick, and that's not much fun. Worst is the tiredness, of not feeling up to doing all the things you want to do, or starting something and tiring after just a little while.

Anyway blah blah poor poor pitiful me... otherwise December wasn't bad, I made progress on a couple of projects including the Naval Postgraduate School-related project, and finished the year with the information that one of my new(ish) games, Third Lebanon War, will be included in a new game magazine to be launched this August (but "my" issue probably won't be out until 2013 or maybe even 2014), and two other games, Greek Civil War 1947-49 and Balkan Gambit, will finally come out in the first half of 2012, four years after handing them in to the publisher. At least, that's the plan.

I cooked and baked a lot last month, my mom was sick (with that same terrible cold, don't think I got it from her but she has COPD so it's not good) so we took her turkey and I roasted it and it came out pretty well... and I made ten fruitcakes, a kilogram each, that's an awful lotta fruitcake but they made nice gifts (mostly fruit bits stuck together with buttery cake batter), and I made "Ginger Dead Men" - I found a 10 cent metal cookie cutter in the shape of a playing-card spade at the thrift store, and a moment's work with a pair of pliers turned it into a skull outline - couple of dents for eyes and teeth, and you have ginger cookies that will stare back at you, along with all the other people staring at you for bringing a box of these weird atrocities into the office!

Lianne went all-out for Christmas, she wanted a tree (we got an artificial one, I don't see the point of killing a tree, or rather buying an already-killed one, just to have it inside for two weeks while it drops needles on the carpet) and put up all kinds of lights and decorations. Her Mom died near last Christmas so this is the first time we'd all been together for the entire holidays. She gave me a nice little Toshiba netbook for Christmas, the one thing I would find quite useful but would never buy for myself. It's nice to carry around and I think I will brave the DHS goons and take it on trips, it also uses Skype so I can call folks on it for free - Akito calls his mother every week on Skype, and often talks to his friends that way. Wonder how much longer it will be before that little bit of convenience gets shut down or overrun by ads - yeah, you can talk as much as you want for free, but your call is interrupted by a 15-second ad every 45 seconds.

Akito is 17 now. Yikes, once there was this little baby I could hold in both hands and now there's this man living in my house who calls me Dad. He went to a school semi-formal dinner and dance, so we got him some nice clothes - he does clean up well, and he had fun, so that's all to the good. He has been accepted into the Mechanical Engineering Technology program at Camosun, it's a good two-year program that offers a bridging semester right into 3rd year Mechanical Engineering at the University. It's an intense program and the bridging semester is tough but the classes are small and the instructors seem to care about the students, so I hope he will be all right.

Uh, what else - last night was another Circuit Breaker, the one-year anniversary. Here's my setlist:

Nash the Slash - Reactor #2
Cabaret Voltaire - Spies in the Wires
Severed Heads - Dead Eyes Opened (spooky remix)
Skinny Puppy - Far Too Frail
Chris and Cosey - Lost
Hilary - Kinetic (remix)
Numb - Theme to Mr. Roger's Neighborhood
Encephalon - Rise
Die Sekto - Accelerant
Laibach - Alle Gegen Alle
AD:Key - Lass Mich Los
And One - Wet Spot
Digital Poodle - Head of Lenin
Soviet Radio - Love is a War
Covenant - Leviathan
Eco - Hass und Liebe

So that's that for now!

You know, Livejournal has not collpased as I thought it would four months ago - I'll be here for a bit yet, but will still maintain my game-design related blog on Wordpress:

So, Happy New Year to you - not going to bother with year-end memes this time. Heck, I did not even observe the 13th anniversary of my accident, save for riding over the spot I got hit in the bus home, but I do that half the time anyway....
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Far too long since my last post, but it was a busy month or six weeks in there. I eked out some of my vacation and took most Fridays off, I suppose I could get used to a four-day week but certainly not as much gets done.

Aki got home without incident (pity about the 14-hour bus ride to his town from Tokyo, and back again), and I think making the flight by himself really boosted his self-confidence and ability to deal with the unknown. At least, I hope so. Like any 15 year old he has grumpy non-communicative days, and other days where he just amazes me with his insight and intelligence. Now he's in Grade 11, with a full load of demanding courses - Physics, Chemistry, Drafting and Design, and Computer Programming. Next term is English, Social Studies, Math and Auto Mechanics. He says he's planning on Engineering at UVic - if he can maintain the focus, not get distracted and cultivate good study habits, I think he'll make it. I hope so, because he doesn't have the option of becoming a glib nerdy Poli Sci fake-it type like me.

Tuvan Independence Day party went off well, lots of people showed and most of the meat got eaten. [ profile] shadesofwinter and Blair came with a big ice cream cake with the Tuvan flag on top - printed on a piece of rice paper so we could eat the flag! [ profile] epexegesis came, I hadn't seen or talked to him in a year or two. It was a nice warm day without too many bugs and afterwards we sat in chairs and watched the meteors come down.

A couple of weeks later my friend Lissa and her kids came to visit from Bainbridge Island. I've known Lissa for 24 years, she was one of my first contacts in Mail Art, back when she was "Phlegm Pets", doing pieces for a zine called Cerebral Discourse that her then boyfriend "Burnt Raisins" and other friend "CDR Rotor" printed on an offset press in a Seattle basement. Her kids are 19 and 15 now. They stayed for a few days and we all climbed Mount Doug, which I hadn't done before. With binoculars and difficulty I picked out our house from the summit.

I got to DJ again, this time in a public place! Recently the [ profile] goth_vic people have had two chances a month to dress up and go out - "Cabaret Noir" mid month at Logan's and "Boneshaker" near-end-month at Paparazzi. Dan usually plays a lot of vinyl but was getting bored with it, and gave me a chance to play for an hour and a bit at the latter night. I brought a bunch of CDs and had a lot of fun! The best part was playing Nash the Slash's "Dance After Curfew" and getting a really good reaction from people. I hope I can do it again some time.

For the first time in years I went to a Fringe play - a production of "The Cabinet of Dr. Caligari". It was OK, the cast tired hard with some interesting set design (scrim on angular frames that suggested the distorted buildings and perspectives of the film) but no one had any voice control and the sound (drones and the odd "deee-DEEE" to underline moments that were supposed to be scary) was just plain annoying.

Labour Day weekend would have been a lot more fun if, midway through Saturday, I hadn't cracked a big porcelain onlay while eating a chicken salad sandwich. A month before the same thing had happened when I was eating a tortilla chip. At first I thought it was the same tooth, but no it was the neighbour tooth (cracked in 2007 - Still, I couldn't do anything about it until Tuesday - got it fixed all right, then Wednesday I had both toenails removed (I had lost both of them before in accidents, and each time they grew in more lumpy and ingrown, so I thought I would just get them removed once and for all, the scientific way) and I am still gimping around from that, then Thursday more dental indignities (cleaning and grinding). I mean, I'm glad I have a set of teeth in good repair (though many more of these porcelain onlays and my mouth will be on its way to life as a sink) and in a while my feet will be all right, but I was glad to see the end of that week.

The garden died with a whimper. Lots of snow peas came out, and there was some nice spinach and a few turnips, but most other plantings were - not good... radishes bolted, cabbage disappointing, onions flowered, and deer at lots of things. But the apple tree is loaded down - not so the pear, but next year should be good for it. I wonder what I should plant on the plot to save it from going back to sod during the winter, I'd like to do a bit less digging to prepare it this time.

Not a great deal of gaming done, but I am selling and trading a few items. I took Virtualia and pulled it apart into basic, intermediate and advanced versions, so that an acquaintance at McGill University could try and use it in his classroom. If it works and there is some kind of lesson from it we might make a presentation on it at the fall 2011 meeting of the Canadian Association for Security and Intelligence Studies, in Ottawa. Hope so.

And, you know, I think I am really starting to like instrumental surf music.


Jan. 7th, 2010 04:16 pm
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TMD = Temporary Mandibular Dislocation

Aie, what a week.
On Monday morning I woke up to Aki tapping on my door to tell me that water was dripping into his room. You see, I have a flat roof with a lip on it several inches high, and the internal drains had clogged up with leaves (only took a few from that goddamn arbutus tree). So, I had a large flat tray of water sitting on top of my house, lessee 35' x 28' x 3 inches = 245 cubic feet of water, which is about two and a half tons. Give or take. However, there is a notch in the "lip" that allows for overflow when this sort of thing happens, and it was overflowing all right - onto the exact spot where the power lines enter the house, and where a cedar shingle isn't. That's how the water got into the house. After a while some roofing guys came, and established what I've explained, and cleaned out the drains - I have to get a proper ladder and will go up there every month or so in winter to keep the drains clear. They nailed on a shingle to stop the water coming in. So, we got a slightly wet rug in Aki's room and I hope that's about it. This summer the project is to have the ceadar shingles on the sides of the roof replaced with metal, and the 1 1/2" drains replaced with 3" drains. That ought to solve the problem.

Anyway, that and a number of other tension-making things that went on during the holidays meant that I sprained my own jaw while trying to chew a stale piece of Stollen bread for breakfast. Now I can't chew or talk properly, watch the yawns, and just wait for it to get better. Well, it means I will be eating less and talking less, two sort of New Year's resolutions I had thought about making.

Anyway, it's almost Friday and things ought to be getting better.
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Ten years ago tonight I was run over by a car in a crosswalk near my home, as I was on my way home from work. My left leg was mangled below the knee and it took a long time to get well. I think all my kollim ridders know the story but if you don't, go here ( and read forward. If you dare.

There's not much else to be said, as by now my leg is about the way it will always be (except for the arthritis). But things are better now; after a lot of angst and pain my son is again living with me, and in a few weeks I will no longer have to walk across the very spot I got hit, Every. Single. Night.
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One New Year's resolution that I'm actually making an effort to honour these days is getting more exercise, in order to help get my weight down. My leg won't allow me to run, swimming is too involved logistically, and who wants to cycle in traffic like this... so I walk, every morning so far, for a couple of miles along the bus route to work then catch the bus the rest of the way. It's cold and the metal in my leg doesn't like that, in fact it does not like the winter months at all, but hopefully this will help me to address the Gut Issue. It would be nice to get some spare mental and physical energy back, too, instead of feeling so tired out at the end of the day (spent at a desk, for Crissake).
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I grind my teeth. A lot. I have a night guard, but I usually don't wear it. Monday night I was eating supper (chicken burger) when I got a pain in my lower left molar - most of it had cracked off and, I'm afraid, been swallowed.

One painful day later, the dentist put a patch of cement on it, told me not to chew on anything, and said to come in next Friday (ten days hence). Immediately, I noticed how much everyone around me was enjoying chewing things - pizza crusts, nails, gum sandwiches, etc..

I'm now on a fairly liquid diet - yogurt (which I dislike), applesauce, mature bananas, and I made a big lentil soup last night - but I wonder if I can make a hamburger smoothie for Canada Day.

I hate my teeth.
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I am now eating, and possibly may finish, a large piece of BBQ pork pie. No, it's not a large BBQ pork bun such as is available in Chinatown and groceries north - no! it is a large amount of leftover BBQ pork chunks gathered and baked in a large pastry pie shell, just as if the pork had been apples or lemon meringue.

It is one of the more disgusting things I've eaten (cf. Not least is the fact that it's been laced with Five-Spice Powder, so there is a distinct tang of licorice in my pie.

Augh. Finished it, including the unaccountably thick and chewy upper crust.

Hunger and poor planning drove me to this. Thirst prompted me to get a blueberry juice to wash it down with. Vomiting at this point would invite dire consequences. Next time I will get a chunk of proper fruit pie.

Lianne is back today, she went back to Ontario about two weeks ago to be with her mom who fell and broke her hip (or maybe broke her hip and then fell, you can't always tell with old folks). The house is not messy, but it did get into a bit of relative disarray - that is, I know where to find things now, and that situation is about to change.

In other news, my back and left leg have been dominating my attention. The main problem is that I can no longer sit for more than an hour at a time without getting sever sciatic pain. X-rays revealed nothing discy but there is a slight curve in my spine, mostly the problem was muscles - my "core" is seriously decrepit, and I can't continue walking and bending the way I have been. It's not sciatica proper either, since my leg still does work.

So now I'm doing daily exercises to get my gluteal muscles, quads, hamstrings, etc. moving and I am amazed at how weak and uncoordinated my body has become. I got a 30" exercise ball to sit on, it is not much of a change from the regular chair and kneeling chair I was using before but it does force me to move around a bit and sit properly while working.

And not only that, my left foot started to go numb about a week ago. The doc says it's nerves in my leg local to the injury (which, in five weeks, will be eight full years in the past) and ought to clear up. I sure hope so, otherwise eh, I dunno...
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The remaining swelling did not faze the Doc (or should I call him the Dent?) and we boogied at 8 am sharp. After 45 minutes he had drilled open the leaky filling on my 2-5 (left forward upper bicuspid), pulled out the old gutta-percha (whatever that is), drilled out the canal to a nice roundy circle instead of a flattish bacteria-admitting oblong, cleaned and restuffed it, and put in a temporary filling.

After a break he cut open my gum, sucked out all the putrid nastiness, did something to the top of my tooth, installed a cap to seal off the end, and sewed me up. He told me that the bacteria had been up there for a couple of years, eating away at the jawbone, so there was a big hole in the bone there now and the only reason why I had pain at this point was because there was nowhere else for the nasty stuff to go.

So, I am OK to travel to Phoenix and when I get back I will have the sutures out and a proper filling done. Then that should be it, until some ruffian punches me at that exact point and caves in my entire skull....
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Well, I went to the office of my reg'lar dentist on Friday and showed him my bespectacled-pumpkin-that-suffered-a-stroke impression, and he agreed that the penicillin the endodontist gave me was as useless as orange Life Savers. He gave me nine days' supply of Cloxacillin, and I have been taking it for about 40 hours now. It seems to be making a difference: my pain is less and the swelling has noticeably gone down, but I can still feel the abscess lodged under my eye socket.

I don't know if I will be deflated enough for the endodontist to work on me on Monday, if not I will have this done when I get back from Phoenix. It will take a while to get rid of this infection, since it had two extra days to get its hooks into my system.

For the most part, I have been just sleeping (on the couch, it's more comfortable than on my back in bed since the blood does not pool in my head), reading (crap and Roald Dahl books I got for Aki) and partaking of a mostly liquid diet (since I didn't want to chew hell out of my swollen left cheek). Smoothies are better than I thought they would be.

I hope this gets fixed up and never happens again. At any rate I will be able to tell when to worry and what specifically to request from the dentist.

Meanwhile, the commercial opportunities have been welcome:
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My pain is a little less today, but I still had a bad night. I am staying home from work today because my left cheek swelled up to twice the size of the right, and I look like a Poster Child for Something. Evidence behind the cut. )

Hopefully I will look less like a bespectacled pumpkin by Monday morning, which is when the dentist will clear this up for me once and for all (I hope).
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Yes, today is the fifth anniversary of my getting run over in a crosswalk. A nursing student piloting a Subaru crushed my lower left leg and moved my life into a completely different track. Five years and many surgeries later, I yam what I yam, to quote Popeye-the-Tuber. For the whole story (if you haven't had to sit through it already), go here and keep reading - there's pictures an' everything, including the Ultimate Body Piercing!

Tonight I shall also observe the annual practice of sacrificing to Pedwok, the God of Safe Crossings.

More later, but I have to go now...
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"Hungry-angry" how Mxo describes my mood when I come home with lowered blood sugar, too much coffee flowing through my veins (and out my ears some days) nothing to eat but one cookie since my meagre lunch, and a bus ride full of fatuous, all-too-audible Other People. Now I don't even get that cookie.

I weighed myself on the weekend and I weigh as much now as I ever have (not too much more, but I won't tell you how much).

I have to lose some weight. 10-15 pounds, anyway.

The method will be the same as friend John used to drop 30 pounds earlier this year when it was crucially important he do so, as fast as possible.

+ Cut out sugar completely, or at any rate refined sugar - fruit still OK except for certain things like grapes.
+ Cut back somewhat on carbs like potatoes, rice and pasta but don't try to cut them out entirely. I know, the Atkins diet is theoretically appealing to me because one could live on whiskey and sausages while on it, but I'm sorry, I cannot expunge starch from my life.
+ Reduce portions at each meal, and eat five snack-size meals during the day instead of two or three bigger ones. Do not skip meals. The body uses calories much more efficiently this way.

Every time I talk about dieting Mxo tries to nix it on the grounds it will cost more. I have never been able to understand how eating less will cost more, unless methamphetamine was somehow involved (and it's not, my rubber band's twisted up tightly enough without extra "cranking").

From time to time I will whinge about how it's going. If I give up I won't even mention it. But right now, it's amazing to me how not eating sugar is changing my mood - of course, the way sugary things would change my mood when I ate them (especially ice cream) was also beginning to concern me. I have felt starved all day though I've eaten enough. I wonder how long it will take to exorcise the Sugar Demon.
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Yesterday was the mediation with ICBC. I got to my lawyer's office at 9:00 and we sat down with the ICBC adjustor and their lawyer at 9:45. A third lawyer was there to act as mediator (think guy in striped shirt, but more polite and with a larger vocabulary).

We started with an introduction by my lawyer (not all that necessary except for me, as everyone else in the room had been working together or on opposite sides of the bench for years) and then I had a few minutes to talk about all that I had endured in the four years, eight months and 21 days since that car ran over me. All the things, that is, that did not show up in doctors' reports or X-rays. I hardly knew where to begin, or end. Anyone who wants to read what I wrote while going through it all (though I know most of you have) can see it at here and work backwards. It was interesting to see that the adjustor had actually searched out my webpage and downloaded all of it - I saw my psycho-face headline graphic for the page staring out at me from among her papers. But I didn't mention it (neither did they mention my cane).

Then we started to talk numbers. My lawyer presented our claims under several categories (e.g. non-pecuniary or "pain and suffering", loss of future capacity, etc.). Then we left the room while the ICBC people conferred, and a bit later went back in to hear their counter-offer. And so it went for most of the day, with a fair bit of arguing about relative percentages of responsibility for the accident - kind of ritualistic on ICBC's part, I suppose I should have paused to throw a highway flare into the road and sounded an air horn three times before waiting for dawn to cross the road for them to be satisfied.

Anyway, after a few rounds we went to what they call global numbers which dispensed with haggling over individual categories or percentages of responsibility. By 2:30 it was done, we all signed a paper, and that's it. It was all very civilised and everyone congratulated one another on what a fine thing mediation is instead of court battles, and I am inclined to agree. The ICBC people expressed their relief (as did my lawyer) on how nice it was to deal with a case like mine and how reasonable I was - I guess they have to deal with some dillies exhibiting some pretty subjective injuries. There certainly was no denying the severity of mine. The adjustor also noticed the relatively small number of claims for pain medication I had made - I guess some people out there just stuff themselves with Dilaudid and Percocet every chance they get, or perhaps I just have a much higher capacity for suffering.

I felt odd for the rest of the day, and still feel a little weird. I feel kind of empty and deflated, and like there's a hole in my mind that will fill in later - very similar to the feeling I used to get after a big exam. I suppose it's a reaction to the very rapid conclusion of almost five years of trouble and wrangling and paperwork in a few hours, and a realization that ICBC is no longer even a theoretical Enemy - it's just me and my leg from now on. Ever and always.

And no, I will not tell you what $ I got out of this. Let's just say it is a lot less than you think it is, because in Canada they have very stringent limits on what can be paid out for pain-and-suffering claims. This is not the US where someone can make millions by spilling coffee on her lap. My lawyer was more than pleased with the way things went, they went more our way than their way and just about exactly according to his expectations.

But I would trade it all for a visit from the Magical Happy Tibia Fairy.
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To hell with that other rant about video games and dearth of imagination. I'm too tired and you could fill in the blanks yourself. Maybe I should feature Guest Ranters in this LJ, though I would hope the comment feature takes care of that.

Night before last Aki and I played a story-telling game with a set of picture cards I had found some time ago, and the imagination he displayed fills me with hope that he won’t be another uncreative lump. But he is having a lot of problems expressing himself clearly, and I hope his teachers will be able to take that “language deficit”, as they call it now, into account.

I'm so tired today. I thought I couldn't sleep because of the hot weather, but I think it is because of (yes, again) constant pain. I can't sleep on my back and with a broken right foot I now have two sore legs, so I am tossing and turning all night. Grinding my teeth to boot which gives me a sore head. I could take painkillers but they make me goony (or goonier).

If I were a horse I'd be several bottles of Elmer's Glue by now.

Poor, poor pitiful me... [Who else remembers that stupid picture of Linda Ronstadt trying to cook a meal in her kitchen wearing a bathing suit and roller skates? Pure 1970s kitsch.]

Ow Ow

Jul. 20th, 2003 04:59 pm
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So, it has been just over a week since I broke my foot and it seems to be calming down a bit. Still sore and I need a stick to walk but have not had a relapse like on Wednesday night. I just have to take it slow and not overdo it; I do not want to even think about wandering around in Los Angeles and the Nevada desert on a friggin' cane, just because I couldn't take it easy in sleepy Victoria.

It was a jangled week last week. But I met my lawyer on Friday, that went well but the proof will be week after next when we go into mediation. Avoided that meeting with my boss until this week. It's just an annoyance anyway; wish she was one of those people I could work around but she likes being in the way, so that's how it is.

Hey, on Friday afternoon the ADM came around handing out Dilly Bars! Ten years in the civil service and I'd never had anything like that happen before. Well, once a boss brought me back a battered eclair from some highfalutin meeting she had been to, but that's about it. On occasion we do get scraps from meetings on our floor.

On Saturday Anne and I went to see Charlie's Angels Full Throttle. It was entirely the noisy, pointless, hyperbolically pop-culture-referential bag of eye candy I thought it would be, and we had a hoot! Later we had lotsa coffee and talk at the Blenz on upper Douglas where Courtney Walls was killed, and then she saw me off at the bus. I went home and started watching "Britannia Hospital", then in checking my e-mail we caught up online, chatting on Yahoo Messenger for four hours. I got to bed at 6 am. It was so much fun; it's great being able to talk to someone who actually listens to what you have to say, and to listen back. I'm a lucky fellow.

Today I am going to write a review of CLASS STRUGGLE, a board game similar to Monopoly, after Aki and I played a match of it (he won as the Capitalists). It's not particularly interesting as a game, especially when there are only two players, but the Marxist hyperbole in the components and rules is funny. I'm writing it for friend John's game review zine Simulacrum and, while this may be of practically no interest to you, it will prove to John that yes, I am on it!

Later: Anne told me that a stupid-looking tattoo we saw between the shoulder blades of an obviously underage girl we saw at the Blenz - a sort of bleeding-heart image with vestigial wings and scrolls around it - was actually a LOGO for a brand of clothing called "Roxy" that sells to teenage girls. There was no apparent swelling for it to be new, and the tattoo colours were too bright for it to be old, so it was probably some kind of temporary job, but it still boggles my mind that someone, even your average trend-following teenager, would willingly pay to have themselves branded with a corporate logo.

[Insert your own rant here, I'm too tired to go off on this one again...]
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I. Am. In. Severe. Pain. Ow.

Yesterday I was doing pretty well, got home from work and had dinner and things, but after taking a shower my foot really started to hurt and would not calm down. I took two Emtecs (like Tylenol 3 but without the caffeine, so you can sleep) and it did no good at all. It was a constant burning pain that was centred over the broken bone in my foot but also going up and down my leg. I tried calming exercises and visualising the pain as just heat, and imagining the bone knitting itself back together and feeling better, but it did not work for more than a few minutes at a time.

So I got absolutely no sleep last night and I am staying home from work today. I stayed in bed all morning, just got up to check my e-mail and make this entry, then I am getting back off my foot. Perhaps I just overdid it yesterday and need to rest the foot - I hope things are not shifting around or breaking/chipping in new ways. My doctor is off on vacation until Monday as well, so no help there. Meanwhile, I have painkillers so I can at least get a little sleep.

Anne met me after work with a very welcome coffee, after I joked that if the day went any slower I would start snorting lines of Nescafe off my keyboard. We sat in the back yard of St. Anne's and talked, and then went and had ice cream at Liberty Java. She is a dear and is accorded ShorDurPerSav status until further notice (= Short Duration Personal Saviour, a SubGenius Church term for anyone who helps you whether you know it or not. The person who takes away the drink that will make you vomit before you drink it, the surgeon who gives you the amputation you really need, and the cousin who shared the last watermelon Popsicle with you are all examples of ShorDurPerSavs. Anne, by ending my caffeineless afternoon, is a pretty clear-cut example.).

I will take it dead easy today and hopefully will be better tomorrow - I have a meeting with my lawyer in the morning, a chinwag with my boss in the afternoon (Check: tie on straight? Shoes shiny? Extra clip of 9mm ammo?) and Gothvic coffee.

I hate having broken bones. This is entirely unsolicited, non-consensual pain and I do not want it.

OW. And that's my final word for today.
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This morning I went for an X-ray and yes, the fifth metatarsal (the long bone about the length of a finger that's behind the little-toe bones) on my right foot is shattered. Fortunately, though, foot bones are already quite well-splinted and supported so I do not need a cast or anything like that. It will need a tensor bandage for about two weeks, then it will take another 4 weeks or so to heal completely. Meanwhile I just walk as much as I feel I can, otherwise take it easy, and here, have some Tylenol.

So, things don't seem so bad today. This will not screw up my trip to the desert (seven weeks hence), no cast or anything required, and I am getting positively and perversely proud of my ability to tolerate pain (though I am getting less and less patient with unsolicited pain like this).

Yippee, in a relative sense!

Hamtaro is gonna pay, though. The bastinado for that little rodent!

Ow Ow Ow

Jul. 13th, 2003 04:21 pm
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Last night was Hodgepodge at Second Story Cafe. I went with Eve - I wore my black Sun Yat-Sen jacket and pants, with a couple of school badges I'd picked up in Kudamatsu. Eve did my eyebrows up with black - unfortunately did not get the sweeping Emperor Penguin effect I wanted.

Attendance unfortunately quite sparse, and I am not sure why. Gray (DJ) said as far as he knew this was the only all-ages event in town that night. Well, I suppose it was just a question of getting the word out, and pitching it right - a lot of the music Gray was playing was popular around the time these all-ages kids might have been in diapers, which doesn't make it irrelevant (I loved what he was playing) but then again they didn't grow up with it. But we tried, and some of us had a lot of fun!

Two unfortunate things happened. There's a raised stage at the end of the cafe and I stumbled as I hopped up onto it to complete the evolutions of the Hamtaro Theme Song Dance, landing with the side of my right foot on the edge of the stage with most of my weight. Ow ow ow. I spent the rest of the night moving around gingerly. I put some ice on it then but today I have a big swollen purple bruise over most of the top of my foot. It just aches a bit if I don't put any weight on it, but I need a cane to walk. I went to the walk(hobble)-in clinic and the doc says he thinks something inside might be broken, but as it's Sunday I have to wait until tomorrow morning for an X-ray to make sure.

Please please please don't let me have any broken footbones. I know there are lots of them but they are all tiny, I can get along with a couple of damaged ones, really I can. If it's bad I'll have to go into a cast or something and this is going to seriously derail the rest of my summer, particularly the trip to Nevada. I will be EXTREMELY annoyed if I have to cancel that, after seven months of preparation and spending time and $$$ on getting ready.

So, is this some kind of punishment for me, for daring to enjoy myself for even a little while?

I don't want to start any blasphemous rumours...
But I think God's got a sick sense of humour
And when I die, I expect to find Him laughing

Or we can quote Danny Elfman (I used to sing this one to myself in advance of each surgery):

I'm so happy, dancing while the
Grim Reaper cuts cuts cuts
But he can't get me...

The other unfortunate thing was that a couple of drunk/stoned jocks came in, caused a disturbance on the landing, got hustled out and ended up kicking the lock off the door. I think the Second Story folks were not pleased. Arseholes.


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