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I had a dream last night that aliens had invaded and taken many of us (including me) back to another planet, and Charlie Sheen was a collaborator/ overseer.

And he was being a real jerk about it, like "Who's standing here WITHOUT a shovel in his hands, NOT mining thorium? Duh, WINNING!"

In other news, my Poland game is due in the publisher's warehouse inside of two weeks. Links to aspects of the game:

Where to buy:
Very nice map, complete:


May. 18th, 2010 01:10 pm
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I had a dream last night in which a lonely and needy Jake Busey held me prisoner out in the desert somewhere. He took my rifle away when my attention was diverted for a moment, so I regretted not shooting him when I had the chance. Meanwhile, a weird old B-movie named "Nevada Test Pilot" was being made in the background, involving a large styrofoam model of an F-86 Sabre jet crashing into the ground, followed by a giant turtle that was sprayed with gasoline and set afire.

I have no explanation for anoy of this.
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It's rather late, but for those who are curious, I did get my article on Dieppe done, and turned it in at the beginning of January. I did a lot of research on this one, and the best find was a lengthy 200+ page doctoral dissertation on the raid done by a guy who had done his history BA and MA at UVic, and sent a copy of his doctoral dissertation back from Oxford to the Special Collections at UVic. I spent a very valuable day there reading it.

The article ended up a trifle long, but it did not say the usual "noble sacrifice of our brave boys, as a dress rehearsal for D-Day they saved thousands of other lives..." blah blah woff woff. Truth is, it was nothing of the kind and I say so. Left me with an abiding distaste for Louis Mountbatten - I didn't have much of an opinion about him before this but I do now. Last week I saw the CBC film on Dieppe, pretty minor work and used as its main source a very very anti-Mountbatten book called "Unathorized Action", which I did use as a source but thought it went rather too far.

Also, today I published my game on the Finnish Civil War of 1918 to my webpage. I claim firsties! No one has done a game on this war before.

For years I have been wanting to do a game on the Finnish Civil War of 1918. Chaotic, savage, balance tipping this way and that, and one more facet of the turmooil coming out of World War One. In September-October 2009 I finally got it together to make such a game - actually made it in two versions: one using the Freikorps/Konarmiya/War Plan Crimson system with 280 counters, and one with only 50 counters using a modified FK/K/WPC system that I was going to send in to Victory Point Games, which does a lot of small fast games ( They use the same map.

I finished them at the end of October 2009, then got sidetracked on writing the Dieppe article and other end-of-year stuff. And VPG's pipeline is seriously impacted, even if they were interested in thei obscure tussle and accepted the idea right away it would be 2-3 years before it came out. So, I decided just to upload it to my page - getcher free copy here: (scroll down)

Updates on new games: Summer Lightning: went up on P500 in June 2009, now has roughly 115 pre-orders which miiiiight be juuuuust enough for Lock n' Load to print it. It's excited some interest, and I hope it will come out soon. Greek Civil War and Balkan Gambit are both pretty much ready to go, and have been since the fall. Fiery Dragon, the publisher in Toronto, has been cutting way back on production of new items, especially wargames which have iffy sales. The publisher has a digital printing business which simplifies most of the production but he has of course had to concentrate on keeping that business afloat - if it goes under, then no one gets anything out of the deal. So, still looking for those two to come out in 2010. Likely Green Beret will follow in 2011. As for Virtualia, I have had very little time to work on this, VASSAL looks to be the way to go but I haven't had the time to figure out how to make a workable module. I'm told that once you do, producing others is easy. Thinking of overhauling it (not much required) to handle Afghanistan situation. I recently read David Kilcullen's The Accidental Guerrilla and what he is saying seems to fit in with the game concepts of Virtualia. Even better if I can get that onto a computer screen.

Conventions and things: I haven't gone to anything. Had to spend $$$ repairing the sundeck last summer, so no Consimworld Expo, will miss this year's "Connections" conference in Dayton Ohio this March (I'm acting Boss at work, trying to put old house on the market again, and no money as we have to fix the roof siding on the new house), no MORS meetings (Irregular Warfare conference in February 2010 was classified, as is the annual Symposium in June in Quantico VA.)

Dream: Last night I had a long dream where Lianne and I went to visit J.G. Ballard in his home in Shepperton. He was very nice and friendly to us, was wearing a beige suit with vest and tie. Sometimes when I looked at him he had a mustache, strange because he never grew one in his life. I remember feeling mortified every time I opened my mouth to ask him a question - thinking that he had been asked it 400 times before, or that what I had asked was utterly banal, or both. Later we went out for a pint and I made him a chocolate peanut butter pie in his kitchen, but for some reason there was no time to bake it.

Odd dream

Apr. 2nd, 2008 11:29 am
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I dreamt last night that I was at a community centre or something like that and Barack Obama was sitting at my trestle table, shovelling dry coffee grounds into a 7-11 Bubba Keg. He showed me the mug, which was two-thirds full of coffee grounds and dry macaroni, saying, "Do you think that's enough?" I asked him, "Are you going to eat that when you've finished drinking it?"

Later a Polish woman tried to shoot him at close range with a pistol, but the Secret Service got to her first. They hustled him away and everyone ran, leaving her bleeding body on the stage.

Just thought you might like to know.
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Strange dreams last night. Read more... )

Tonight is the Joy Division Tribute Night at Logan's Pub. Yippee! I've been looking forward to this one for months.

Also, my underwear will be at half-mast all day today due to CEF.
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Last night I tried out some casts from the RTV (Room Temperature Vulcanising) silicone molds I had made on the long weekend. A few successes but frequent spills of molten metal because the molds were not well supported - no sand available so I tried bases of modeling clay, which promptly melted. No one got burned though, and Aki ran into the centre of the yard every time I melted down a new batch of linotype metal.Also used part of a coil of lead-free solder I had bought, the castings come out with a strange yellow patina. One big problem is pouring too much metal into the molds, which are all one piece and rather shallow. I'm going to try spreading the molten metal around with a wooden stick in the mold; tried it with a nail but it sticks.

I made up 11 different molds for the first run, using up about half of the tube of RTV material (bought a grade of stuff that takes a 700F degree intermittent temperature - buy it at auto parts stores for gasket material). Burning Man shapes in three different sizes, a Jesuslike medallion, a Burning Man medallion marked "MMIII", The Order of the Giant Robot, two bar-shaped ones stamped "AWE" and "AWRY", and three weird-looking man-shaped things by Akito. The molds did not come out well in one or two places, probably because I had not thinned the RTV material enough, or had thinned it too much. Many of these castings will need cleanup work and hole-drilling with a Dremel tool.

We also used some properly made two-piece molds I had bought from someone a while back of a chicken and a Japanese lady in kimono, 1" tall.

This all reminded me of the times I spent while a teenager, casting pils of lead soldiers alone in the garage, inhaling Lord knows how much airborne lead oxide. Too bad; I could have lost those IQ points drinking cough syrup or popping Mom's 222s or huffing glue, in much more amiable and pneumatic company. Ah well, youth is wasted on the young, whether they try to behave themselves or not.

My Mom dropped in for a surprise visit last night too, and as I was standing at the side window declaiming about my plan to plant a row of evergreen trees along the side of the yard facing the Fuckwads (the Croatian Landlords chopped down a large bushy tree that used to grow in the space between our houses, so now every car that rounds the corner on our street shines its brights into our bedroom window, and when the neighbour's Critter Light snaps on, it's like someone aiming a searchlight in the window), they happened to arrive home in the SHINY NEW DARK RED PICKUP TRUCK. She immediately moved back into the centre of the room so as to be invisible, while Aki and I stayed at the window, staring and talking while they got out of the truck and wandered into not-really-their house. She doesn't understand that I WANT these people to feel vaguely uneasy and doubtful and weirded out, maybe it will lead them to question other aspects of their lives.

I have to think of a new name for them, Fuckwad is too abusive. I thought maybe the Monos, a combination of their self-absorbed nature and "mono", the Japanese word for "thing". Or maybe I'll just call them the Sims, since they seem to be happy with the kinds of inducements players of that video game use to keep their digital charges happy. Yes. That's it. My new neighbours are now dubbed Rob and Wife Sim.

Some Constant Readuhs are perhaps becoming a trifle concerned over the monomaniacal nature of my disdain for the Sims, but fear not - I really don't spend much time thinking about them, and in due course will probably forget that they exist at all. As long as they keep the fucking noise down. Oh, in case you were wondering, they managed to get that huge stupid white couch in the house after all - Mxo said they removed one of the windows so they could get the monstrosity into the living room.

I also had some strange dreams last night. In one it was like I was watching a movie that featured a modern Genghis Khan type who had to make a decision over what to invade next or something. He excused himself to go into his private study and a moment later walked back on camera with an erection and started wanking onto a large brass globe in the study, spreading his jizz over Mongolia. Later I dreamed that some Gothvic friends and I were over at Kevin's new house, which he said he had bought for $15,000. It was much too large for that price, even as a down payment, so after testing the shower faucets I asked him how many people he had had to kill to get the house, and that I hoped none of them were innocent. Well, it rained last night, whaddya expect from me?
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Hot night last night; little sleep. I reflected, while staring at the ceiling at oh-dark-thirty, that I generally don't dream about my work or work-related things. Either that's OK, or I really need to find a job sorting doll heads in a Tim Horton's where the phone never stops ringing.
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I have been amusing myself recently with the "find random user" function of Livejournal. An unexpectedly large fraction of the journals I've seen are written in Russian. I wonder (since I've been too lazy to look it up from their userinfo pages) whether these are Russians posting from Russia, or are they Slavs transplanted to America, taking advantage of abundant and cheap American technology and Net access to write online in their first language? For that matter, where are the other immigrants - I have found only one other user posting in a foreign language (German).


One of the more disgusting things to come out of the Mammon McDonald's Corp. is the new "McGriddle". Haven't tried one myself yet (I don't eat eggs) but I understand it's a wad of bacon or a sausage patty, scrambled eggs and American cheese, served between two McGriddle cakes, which are small pankaces with syrup added to the mix. Apparently 550 calories and a colon-clogging 33 grams of fat.

Now, where do you suppose the idea for this came from? Did someone in the marketing department think that people who eat at McDonald's really do not have the time or coordination to eat things separately, or were they perhaps slumming it in an actual McDonald's one day and saw some obese moron who preferred to eat with his hands shoving the components of his whole Hotcakes n' Sausage tray into a huge syrup-soaked sandwich and stuffing it down his capacious maw? Equally probable to me but we'll never know the truth.


For all the time I spent in the Army in my younger life, I rarely dream about it. But last night I had another mixed-up dream in which I was a platoon commander, had been wounded in the shoulder slightly and was kind of slumming around the mostly empty barracks while my arm healed. I scrounged a couple of doughnuts from the kitchen and sat around reading war comic books. Later the dream turned into a sexual (though not consummated) fantasy involving one of my co-workers, a woman I've never been interested in, see once a week and speak to once a month. Jeez, why can't I just sleep?


Uh, that's it. Say something, whydoncha?
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Another weird dream last night, probably inspired by my friend Tony telling me about his upcoming schedule of cortisone shots for the disks in his back.

I dreamed I was holding and examining a life-size, 3-dimensional, naturally colored model of my spine that had been mapped by some kind of MRI machine and fabricated on the spot out of resin, all by computer. I could see the spots where some of my disks had ruptured or slid out of alignment (well, I have some back pain due to body misalignment from the accident but I don't think it's that bad).

The weird thing is that medical science can probably do something like this, or will be able to shortly. How's that for sculpture on demand?
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O hey, if I happen not to have posted anything here recently and you want to see what's new, click on this: The Apathetic Journal Entry Generator, brought to you by those wacky guys at Brunching Shuttlecocks.

I had some weird dreams last night. One involved a comedy movie about a talking monkey that amused people by whacking off at inappropriate moments. In another I was sitting in something like a basement wet bar with someone who in the dream was my friend but whom I had never actually seen before, and we were watching a tape of assorted music videos he had made. The last video on the tape was a video Devo had never made - the Spud Boys were bouncing and singing along an animated desert landscape, with their faces animated on top of potatoes that were clad in the famous yellow suits (but no legs). Behind them stretched a vast army of potatoes, also bouncing along, with heads wrapped in rubber monkey masks.

What does it all mean? I mean, setting aside the simian theme, of course, that's obvious.


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