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I was going to post today about being sick all week with grippe, or the agues, or epidemic catarrh, or whatever it is I got last weekend, but here's a meme instead From the [ profile] altfriday5:

1. When was the last time you were sick enough to stay home from work/school or get help with your at-home duties? What were your symptoms?
Last Saturday/Sunday. I had fever, body aches, chills and sweats, and a cough that developed later into laryngitis. I haven't taken a sick day off from work for some time, probably most of a year or more.

2. When you're sick, do you like having people fuss over you, or would you rather be left alone? Why?
I like people to come in and fuss over me at intervals, just so I know I'm not forgotten, and left alone otherwise.

3. Do you have health insurance, and if so, through what means? What is your view on how health insurance should be handled in this country?
I have public health insurance, like everyone else in my country, and my work offers a good illness & injury plan too. I like the way health insurance is handled in Canada, in that services are there when I need them and I won't go bankrupt if I get sick or injured. I do think though that the banquet of services available under health plans has gotten a bit too broad and thus is endangering the viability of the whole scheme, for everyone - I also think people need to be more conscious of the true cost of the services they are accessing, and be more responsible for their health and how they use health services. But that's for another day.

4. Do you ever call out sick, even when you're not really that sick? Do you ever feel guilty calling out sick even when you are sick?
I have never called in sick when I wasn't genuinely too ill to get out of bed. It's far more likely I'd go into work while sick enough that other people would stay home.

5. What's your favorite thing to do when you're sick, if you're not sleeping (or, you know, throwing up)?
I like to watch bad videos, usually from the 80s, but this time around Turner Classic Movies and American Movie Channel had some good stuff going. I saw The Horse's Mouth, Bell, Book and Candle, It Happened to Jane, Operation Mad Ball, and The Caine Mutiny.
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Okay, I have been coughing up Radioactive Lung Butter* for almost a week now and am officially Getting Tired Of It. I spent the whole weekend either sleeping or doing next to nothing, and the damn'd Affliction sits in me yet.

Damn New York anyway, pit of expensive filth and microbes -

New York's Alright If You Like Saxophones

New York's alright,
New York's alright,
New York's alright,
if you like saxophones!

New York's alright if you wanna be pushed in front of the subway!
New York's alright if you like tuberculosis!
New York's alright if you like art and jazz!
New York's alright if you're a homosexual!

New york's alright,
New York's alright,
New York's alright,
if you like saxophones!

New York's alright if you like drunks in your doorway!
New York's alright if you wanna freeze to death!
New York's alright if you wanna get mugged or murdered!
New York's alright if you like saxophones!

New York's alright,
New York's alright,
New York's alright,
if you like saxophones!

[Thanks to FEAR]

Also, officially Bummed Out that George Carlin died. Heart failure; he'd had problems for a while. He died quickly, and just last week he was doing shows in Vegas. I think this is the way he would have liked to go out. So now he's up in Heaven with God having either a really good belly laugh, or a very awkward silence...though I don't see George Carlin ever being at a loss for words.

All the good names and minds are dying out, though we still have Lewis Black as long as he doesn't pop something really vital.

* [I mean it; this stuff is Red 233, Green 248, Blue 124, Hue 45, Sat 213 and Lum 186. RGB 223-223-272 in the mornings. Really, like ICK.]
[Edit: RADIOACTIVE LUNG BUTTER. Not quite the shade, more luminous, but you get the idea.]


Feb. 9th, 2007 10:34 am
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Well, what do you know - Tuesday night I got food poisoning (avoid the White Spot on Douglas Street!) and spent the next two days at home, thinking I was either going to die or snap in half and then die.

Friday today, and I am back at work, kinda.

And so what if I'm not always Mr. Happy Jolly Fun-time.

"I'd rather be myself. Myself and nasty." - Bernard Marx, Brave New World
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Eight years ago today, a car ran over me.
This year I think I began to really understand I will never be free of what that did to me, and what it set in motion.
So, as every year, tonight I will sacrifice an orange to Pedwok, the God of Pedestrians, in the crosswalk where I got hit.

[EDIT: I threw the orange into the air, and it landed and rolled all the way to the other curb, instead of staying put in the middle of the street. Was this a sign of a good year to come, or of the strong self-preservation instincts of tree fruits?]


May. 31st, 2006 01:48 pm
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Well, some slight improvements to report.

- Sputum Condition has changed from BLOODY to LUMINOUS.

- Body Ache Index has changed from BEATEN UP BY SECRET POLICE to OH, WHAT A NIGHT.

- Thought Process Scale now reads DELUSIONAL, so no real change there.

I'll be OK in a day or two.

But honestly, if you want to hear a grown man whinge and grizzle like a baby, give him some relatively minor illness like this. I never made such a fuss all the time that my leg was a bag of assorted bone chips....


May. 30th, 2006 11:04 am
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I regret to inform you all that [ profile] ltmurnau died on Monday; this is his reanimated corpse typing this update, out of a sense of autonomic duty if nothing else....
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The remaining swelling did not faze the Doc (or should I call him the Dent?) and we boogied at 8 am sharp. After 45 minutes he had drilled open the leaky filling on my 2-5 (left forward upper bicuspid), pulled out the old gutta-percha (whatever that is), drilled out the canal to a nice roundy circle instead of a flattish bacteria-admitting oblong, cleaned and restuffed it, and put in a temporary filling.

After a break he cut open my gum, sucked out all the putrid nastiness, did something to the top of my tooth, installed a cap to seal off the end, and sewed me up. He told me that the bacteria had been up there for a couple of years, eating away at the jawbone, so there was a big hole in the bone there now and the only reason why I had pain at this point was because there was nowhere else for the nasty stuff to go.

So, I am OK to travel to Phoenix and when I get back I will have the sutures out and a proper filling done. Then that should be it, until some ruffian punches me at that exact point and caves in my entire skull....
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Well, I went to the office of my reg'lar dentist on Friday and showed him my bespectacled-pumpkin-that-suffered-a-stroke impression, and he agreed that the penicillin the endodontist gave me was as useless as orange Life Savers. He gave me nine days' supply of Cloxacillin, and I have been taking it for about 40 hours now. It seems to be making a difference: my pain is less and the swelling has noticeably gone down, but I can still feel the abscess lodged under my eye socket.

I don't know if I will be deflated enough for the endodontist to work on me on Monday, if not I will have this done when I get back from Phoenix. It will take a while to get rid of this infection, since it had two extra days to get its hooks into my system.

For the most part, I have been just sleeping (on the couch, it's more comfortable than on my back in bed since the blood does not pool in my head), reading (crap and Roald Dahl books I got for Aki) and partaking of a mostly liquid diet (since I didn't want to chew hell out of my swollen left cheek). Smoothies are better than I thought they would be.

I hope this gets fixed up and never happens again. At any rate I will be able to tell when to worry and what specifically to request from the dentist.

Meanwhile, the commercial opportunities have been welcome:
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My pain is a little less today, but I still had a bad night. I am staying home from work today because my left cheek swelled up to twice the size of the right, and I look like a Poster Child for Something. Evidence behind the cut. )

Hopefully I will look less like a bespectacled pumpkin by Monday morning, which is when the dentist will clear this up for me once and for all (I hope).
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Another bad night - I've figured one way to get some sleep is to sleep propped up on the arm of the couch, instead of lying down on a pillow, so the blood does not pool in my head.

But this morning I went to the endodontist, and came away with penicillin, T-3s, and an appointment for 0800 Monday to get this thing fixed up. I should be less pain-wracked in a day or two.

Meanwhile, [ profile] inkie wanted to see the little plastic rioters I'd made. Some crappy shots behind the cut )
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Bad night. Probably less than two hours of sleep all told; I finally got the pain under control about 5 this morning with Advil and hydromorphone, after walking in little circles in my driveway for half an hour to help it take effect.

In talking with [ profile] dzherzhinski yesterday, he noted that since the tooth is not sensitive to heat or cold, it is probably not a nerve problem and what it probably is is an infection or abscess under (above?) the tooth. I need antibiotics, not another drilling session. Makes sense to me.

One thing I am thinking about doing at the expo in Phoenix is a large-scale demonstration game of my design Battle of Seattle, a game on the anti-WTO riots in December 1999 available free from my website (some kind of downloading problem with the rules right now, though).

Last year I found some policeman playsets at a local dollar store - 35 little blue cops, each 2" high, for a buck. I bought a couple of bags and converted some of them into civilians by trimming hats, cutting off revolvers, ponytail headpieces and Mohawks made of DAS clay etc.. Last night Aki and I painted them up with colourful clothes, green hair, red boots, black hoodies and so forth. Aki also made up some little signs on stickers for them to wear - "NO WTO", "EAT THE RICH", and so forth. Maybe I'll take some pictures.

Next we will make up a large map and use the figures in the demo game. Should be fun!


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