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The Rathskeller, Victoria's only German restaurant, is closing after 50 years.
My friend John and I used to go there every so often when, as he put it, "he felt a quart low."
Good schnitzels and the potato pancakes were great.

It used to be in an actual cellar, in the basement of a hotel on lower Douglas Street that is no longer there (it's a Budget rent-a-car lot now).
It moved in 1982, and after it moved a Chinese restaurant was in there for a while.
I stopped in there one night to get supper before getting the bus home.
The new occupant hadn't touched the decor, so I ate my Combination "B" in a dark wooden booth, in a dark wooden-panelled room with large paintings on the walls of cathedrals and trains wending their way through the Alps.
It wasn't bad, but an hour later I felt like invading Poland.

No Fun

Mar. 15th, 2007 10:05 am
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From today's paper, I'll spare you the full quote:

"The demise of Open-Air adds to an already-gaping hole in the summer arts schedule. Organizers recently cancelled both the Latin Caribbean Festival and FolkFest, which TNT also produced for the Inter-Cultural Association."

I'll bet Luminara gets cancelled this year too, or at least has another funding crisis. See from 2005, when it was almost cancelled.

[edit from an earlier story: Symphony Splash apparently did get another sponsor, so it looks like a go]

Anyway, as I said a while back, Victorians are always up for a party, as long as there are significant amounts of other people's money involved. Otherwise they'll stay home and complain about how there's nothing to do.
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Symphony Splash loses top sponsor

Victoria Symphony struggles to find $75,000 to fund harbour event after sponsor pulls out

Adrian Chamberlain and Sarah Petrescu, Times Colonist
Published: Friday, February 16, 2007

The Victoria Symphony Splash, reeling from the surprise loss of its flagship sponsor, is urgently casting for a replacement. Island Hearing withdrew its lead sponsorship of the popular Inner Harbour event on Wednesday, stunning orchestra officials who had believed the Victoria-based hearing-aid company was about to agree to a long-term commitment.


My mom used to be a telphone operator for the Victoria Police. She would tell me every year about the people who would call the police on Symphony Splash night complaining about the noise coming from the Inner Harbour, and would they please sort it out.....
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Les Leyne's column in today's T-C (local paper for you out-of-towners) is good:

Time to fix silliness over Beacon Hill: Judge gave the city the means to change the rules that restrict use of park

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It has been suggested by one of my Constant Readuhs that people just spontaneously congregate in Beacon Hill Park on the night that Luminara would occur in 2005, with their lanterns, and have our own little procession. No administration, no sponsorship, just a slow flash mob (perhaps a flashlight mob?). A stick in the eye for the No-Fun Brigade - they can't forbid an unofficial event, especially after it's underway.

Any interest?

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Lights out for Luminara festival
Times Colonist (Victoria) Thu 20 Jan

The Luminara Victoria lantern festival, one of the city's most popular summertime events, will fade to black this year.
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Hmmm... hard to judge this one. Idealistically, there should be nothing in the way of any number of people congregating in a public space like Beacon Hill Park (despite the wishes of the "Friends Of --", who would like to see no one at all there), carrying lanterns of their own design, walking around, visiting with friends, and leaving, with no public or private funding or sponsorship involved whatosever. Sort of like a very congenial, creative and drawn-out flash mob.

That's how I'd like to see it, but we all know these days that you can't have "fun" without "funding". Everything conceivably public and creative has to be conscripted by one agency or another, since public space is a commodity like everything else.
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Last night I made up two lanterns for Luminara. The design is that of an angler fish, the deep-sea kind:

I had some coffee cans lying around, so I cut them open and pounded them out flat, then scrawled on the outline of the fish, then went to work with the tin snips. I played some good loud Einsturzende Neubauten - tuneful banging on metal to cover my atonal activities.

There will be glowsticks jammed in the eyeholes, and little thumb-size glowsticks for the glowing "bait" dangling before the fish's mouth.

One fish is smaller and made from rusty coffee cans that had been sitting in my garden for a year. I worked the rusty surface over with a wire brush on my power drill to scour out some shiny stripes. The other one is larger and made from "fresh" coffee cans, and I burned the surface with a propane torch for that blue-black distressed look.

Tonight I have to do some soldering of teeth and fins, and it should look pretty good! Pictures later.


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