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"The Internet is a vanity press for the demented."

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Birthdate:Oct 24
Canadian. Nice person, generally. Probably interested in too many things. Normally creative but not creatively normal. Honest and straightforward to a fault. Getting weirder by the day. INTP (or INTJ, if I'm feeling misanthropic).

The journal subtitle quote is from Erik-Lars Nelson (1941-2000), a former columnist for the New York Daily News. It comes from a piece he wrote for the Shorenstein Centre at Harvard University:

"Any newspaper person who has logged onto an Internet news group will recognize many of the contributors at once: They are the same obsessives who write dense postcards in tiny script that covers all available space and then continues around the edge, often continuing with a P.S. on the address side. These are cards and letters the newspapers routinely do not print; the Internet, by contrast, is a vanity press for the demented, the conspiratorial or the merely self-important."

"Often times, it seems that the only difference between children and the insane is pride of workmanship." - Cornelius Bear, Achewood

"There are two novels that can change a bookish fourteen-year old's life: The Lord of the Rings and Atlas Shrugged. One is a childish fantasy that often engenders a lifelong obsession with its unbelievable heroes, leading to an emotionally stunted, socially crippled adulthood, unable to deal with the real world. The other, of course, involves orcs." –John Rogers, on the blog Kung Fu Monkey, as quoted on rec.arts.sf.written by James Nicoll

Interests (146):

)'(, agitprop, anna banana, artist trading cards, artistamps, asperger's syndrome, autism, berlin, black flag, black rock beacon, blixa bargeld, block printing, board games, board wargames, brothers quay, buckaroo banzai, burning man, cabaret voltaire, casting metal, charles addams, christopher walken, commie kitsch, cosey fanni tutti, dada, danny elfman, david cronenberg, david lynch, deja voodoo, dennis hopper, devo, diamanda galas, donald evans, edward gorey, einsturzende neubauten, ephemera, eraser carving, ernie kovacs, f-space, fluxus, fusible alloys, game design, game theory, gary numan, george orwell, gestetner machines, go, goth, gothvic, great proletarian cultural revolution, guerrilla warfare, harlan ellison, hectography, henry rollins, hunter s. thompson, huun-huur-tu, industrial culture, infantry, j. g. ballard, jan svankmajer, jiang qing, jim woodring, joseph cornell, joy division, kids in the hall, kinetic sculpture, klaus nomi, kraftwerk, kurt schwitters, laibach, laurie anderson, lead, lene lovich, linocuts, ludology, mail art, mao zedong, metal casting, mimeo, mimeographs, mongolia, monte cazazza, monty cantsin, nash the slash, neoism, nina hagen, oingo boingo, outsider art, pantzooka, papermaking, pee wee herman, pere ubu, performance art, philip k. dick, pizzicato five, poppies, postcards, posters, printing, printmaking, psychological warfare, puppets, r. lee ermey, re/search, repo man, robert williams, rubber stamps, shonen knife, simulation games, spk, stanley kubrick, surrealism, surveillance camera players, survival research laboratories, test department, the batnix, the brothers quay, the cramps, the dead kennedys, the flying lizards, the munsters, the prisoner, the ramones, the residents, the sisters of mercy, the swans, the young ones, thomas pynchon, throat singing, throbbing gristle, tin, toy soldiers, tuva, underground comics, uniforms, uvic, victoria, vincent price, war games, wargames, william gibson, william s. burroughs, xmal deutschland, yat-kha, yukio mishima, zhou enlai, zines
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